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Denver Commercial Property Management
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Denver Commercial Property Management

Denver commercial property management is made easy with Sonenreich & Co. At Sonenreich & Co. we are owners, leasing agents, and property managers of 20 commercial, retail, and multi-family buildings. As owners, we know the importance of the bottom line. Sonenreich & Co. uses fair and honest dealings to ensure long term success across all fronts on our clients’ various properties. In addition, we understand and maintain the importance of keeping tenants happy and profitable.


Our mission in Denver commercial property management

Sonenreich & Co. builds our service for property management in Denver from the ground up. We aim to build enduring relationships with all our clients and understand their needs from a comprehensive standpoint.

Property management entails several distinct functions. Each property has unique features and needs that make it necessary to tailor those tasks to meet those needs. Our business method is based on practical insights that help plan and execute a unique management strategy for each property we support.

The key to our approach is to take care of each building as if we owned it. In everyday management and maintenance, special projects, tenant relations, and responding to unexpected events Sonenreich & Co. regards each property as something we’ve invested in ourselves. That approach distinguishes us from other providers of commercial property management in Denver.


Services we provide in commercial property management in Denver

Sonenreich & Co.’s suite of services for Denver commercial property management cover all the complex and varied aspects of property ownership, from parcels and buildings to the tenants who occupy them. We handle the most difficult and intricate details that are part of everyday management and are always forthcoming and transparent about what we do.

Property management in Denver consists of hundreds of moving parts that need to be handled concurrently. They’re all affected by a variety of internal and external factors, from tenant vacancy and repair needs to changes in property values, tax liabilities, and unforeseen events.

Being the top Denver commercial property management company means monitoring all day-to-day property needs, as well as expecting issues and events that will directly affect your building and its tenants. It also means standing for your building’s interests in outside dealings with authorities, banks, and legal offices.

Sonenreich & Co.’s deep experience in commercial property management in Denver gives us a thorough understanding of the daily life and changes that a building goes through. That knowledge helps us manage hundreds of local properties with foresight and transparency, keeping your premises safe and enriching your property’s value.


  • Bookkeeping – Sonenreich & Co. oversees the budgets and expenses of the commercial properties we manage. We keep a thorough and comprehensive general ledger and that details and reconciles each transaction. We also help owners set up annual operating budgets, detect unusual account activity, and generate clear financial reports that give a clear picture of each building’s fiscal health.
  • Invoicing and Collection of Rents and Dues- We keep on top of the monthly fees your tenants owe. We handle all the monthly invoices, record and track payments, identify problems, and issue past-due notices when necessary. We also consult on potential legal actions over tenants’ non-payment.
  • Bill Paying – As part of our budget oversight, Sonenreich & Co. manages your building’s monthly fees and expenses, including utility bills, property tax assessments, repairs, insurance, and other regular operating costs. We ensure each bill is issued fairly and paid promptly.
  • HOA Management – Homeowners’ associations oversee much of the management and maintenance of large properties. Some of these responsibilities include landscaping, paving, amenity provisions, structural repair, and other efforts to keep the property in prime condition. Taking these responsibilities off your tenants’ shoulders helps them focus on their respective businesses, and a good HOA management team helps relieve owners of many of these jobs as well. Sonenreich & Co.’s HOA management consolidates these duties, organizes and executes daily maintenance responsibilities, and oversees the collection of the fees that fund them.
  • Timely repairs – Sonenreich & Co. keeps on top of each commercial property’s individual repair needs. We oversee and contract work needed on heating and air conditioning systems, electrical wiring, roofs, parking lots, broken fixtures, and construction issues. We respond quickly to damage or accident reports and use our local connections and resources to find the timeliest and most cost-effective personnel and solutions to solve problems.
  • Property maintenance – Sonenreich & Co. also takes care of property issues before they happen by overseeing routine maintenance of your commercial building. We maintain monthly landscaping and lawn care, keep track of normal servicing of heating and air conditioning units including air filter replacement, check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and other functions that keep your building healthy and keep emergency expenses down.
  • Dealing with insurance companies – Accidents, emergencies, and unexpected catastrophes happen with all commercial properties at some point. In the wake of these disasters, property managers must interact with insurance agencies, who often balance their fiduciary responsibilities and obligations with their own financial interests. These interactions can sometimes be difficult or contentious, especially in the aftermath of a calamity. Sonenreich & Co. manages your building’s relationship with its insurers. We represent your building in negotiations following events that affect your insurance and work to make sure compensation is fairly and legally issues. We also keep on top of premium payments as part of our budgeting service.
  • Property tax appeals – Sonenreich & Co. keeps track of your property’s worth as it relates to tax assessment. When a major increase in your tax bill hits that you want to challenge, we’ll represent your interests in tax appeals. We keep on top of all the elements and changes in the tax appeal process, make fair assessments of your property’s valuation and income, and prepare all the documentation you’ll need to make a solid case in all legal proceedings.
  • Lease renewals – Sonenreich & Co. interfaces with your building’s occupants when it’s time to renew their tenancy agreements. We negotiate fairly and openly, determining the leverage each side has in the renewal process. We represent owners in drafting the needed changes in lease agreements, finalizing terms, and completing and submitting all necessary paperwork.
  • Financial reports – With our help, you’ll always have full and open knowledge of your building’s overall fiscal health. We issue monthly reports on income and expenses, bank balances, budgets, insurance premiums, variance analyses, and incoming rent payments. All our financial reports contain supporting documentation from check registers, invoices, and your general ledger, and have complete details on bank reconciliation and issues that affect your building’s financial profile.