The rumored conspiracy theories at Denver International Airport are vast. From the demonic war horse greeting travelers as they approach the airport to the involvement of the Freemasons and the apocalyptic murals, Denver’s International Airport has been a centerpiece for conspiracy theories since its conception.

Theories aside, Denver International Airport is going through some very real renovations. Denver International Airport broke ground in 1993, launching its first aircraft on Feb 28th1995. The airport was originally designed to hold 50 million passengers annually. Two and a half decades later, 65 million travelers passed through the building in 2018.

As a result, Denver International Airport is taking the necessary steps to accommodate the unexpected growth. For perspective, Denver International Airport is the 5th busiest airport in the United States and 20th busiest airport in the world. In addition to its size, Denver International Airport is Colorado’s largest economic engine, bringing in 26 billion dollars annually.

The renovations at Denver International Airport are significant. The Great Hall, the area under the tents of the airport’s Jeppesen Terminal is being entirely redone in an effort to enhance security, increase overall capacity, and provide more dining and shopping options for passengers. Along with the renovations to The Great Hall, 39 new gates will be added to the existing three concourses. Last, DEN officials are ordering more cars for the underground trains that ferries passengers from the terminal to the concourses.

Renovations are expected to take place over the next three years. While small delays are expected as a result of the expansion, the long term benefits outweigh the short term delays.