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Owning a small business is no small feat. With a full workload on your shoulders, let Sonenreich & Co. work for you in finding your next office space or warehouse for rent in Denver. Denver commercial space tenant representation stops with Sonenreich & Co.

Sonenreich & Co. works directly with:

  • Doctors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Retailers
  • Large Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • And More

Tenant Representation for a Variety of Industries

Sonenreich & Co. has facilitated tenant representation in Denver spanning the board, from placing dental practices to production studios, gymnasiums, and cheese factories. Needless to say, Sonenreich & Co. is the most trusted in Denver tenant representation.

With the current status of the market in mind, Denver office space is at an all-time premium. Sonenreich & Co. works around the clock as your agent in order to facilitate competition in the marketplace for your tenancy to ensure your landlord offers the most favorable terms. In turn, saving each client tens of thousands of dollars. Having Sonenreich & Co. as your agent ensures that your new Denver office space will be found under the terms and conditions that best suit your business, at no cost to you.

Working with Sonenreich & Co. gives tenants an upper hand in the Denver market as Denver is our home. Tenant Representation in Denver has never been easier with Sonenreich & Co. on your team.