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Why Choose Sonenreich & Co?

Sonenreich & Co. has been a family-owned Commercial Real Estate brokerage since 1984. We pride ourselves in prioritizing ethics over dollar signs.We’ve found that when doing so, everyone wins.

We use our multi-generational skills and talents, combined with over 50 years of combined experience in Denver’s Commercial market, to save our clients stress and thousands of dollars.

All while providing insider access to exclusive opportunities in the Greater Denver Area.

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Using a Full-Service Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

A real estate transaction is a complex business, involving multiple resources, personalities, time and patience. It’s an operation for which taking shortcuts can be hazardous, especially when dealing with large, commercial and industrial properties. That’s why full-service businesses like Sonenreich & Co., a long-time, established Denver commercial real estate broker, are essential in commercial real estate. 

Our services cover every necessary step in the successful sale of commercial properties from listing to close. Sonenreich & Co.’s agents perform a complete suite of services from research to analysis, marketing to legal documentation. We provide a level of attention to detail and service that discount brokers simply can’t supply.

Sonenreich & Co. takes great pride in getting our sellers optimal value for their commercial properties, with particular emphasis on industrial, medical and land sales. We’re always on top of the current status, changes, and future of the Denver commercial real estate market. Our expertise and effort in moving properties help all our clients save valuable time and money, with the full focus and customer attention that’s rare in a Denver commercial real estate company.

Sonenreich & Co.’s complete service as a commercial real estate brokerage in Denver includes:

  • Listing — Setting your property up in the real estate marketplace
  • Marketing — Developing promotional plans, cultivating interest and identifying potential buyers
  • Analytical data — Researching and reporting insights for marketing and pricing strategies
  • Environmental assessments — Analyzing property topography, natural resources, climate impact, and other factors
  • Intermediating — Serving as a liaison between seller and buyer
  • Financial analysis — Assessing economic factors including loans, taxes, investment measures and more
  • Documentation — Performing due diligence on legal, loan and regulatory paperwork

Sonenreich & Co. has secure and direct access to unadvertised, pocket listings of properties whose transactions require more discretion. This access lets us find the best values in commercial and industrial real estate for buyers in the Denver Metro market. Pocket listings also help our agents move sellers’ properties for optimal market value and find buyers the properties that suit all their purposes.

There’s no substitute for a full-service real estate brokerage to handle the needs of a major transaction and prevent future inconveniences. Sonenreich & Co. is the Denver commercial real estate broker that covers all the bases with no shortcuts—and consistently gives our clients the best, most profitable possible results.



Our 40 years serving the Denver area has helped us foster thousands of relationships with local owners & business. We often buy and sell properties before they hit the public market.

Business Relocation


We understand business. We know that downtime is stressful and expensive. Our goal is to get you into your new property with out paying double rent.

Property Management

Property Management

Let Sonenreich & Co. do the heavy lifting and send you your dividends without all the hassle of being hands-on daily.

Commercial Leasing


Sonenreich & Co. works directly with your business and the potential landlord to ensure the most favorable terms for your new lease.

Commercial Property Management

Overseeing the operations of a large property is a huge responsibility—not something every Denver commercial real estate company was built for. Property managers need to be in control of all the physical and legal details of the buildings they manage. They need to anticipate conditions that impact their buildings, have a firm grasp of building codes and regulations, and guide operations in unexpected or catastrophic events. Most of all they need to be clear, unambiguous communicators to tenants, owners and authorities who live in, work at, or monitor the properties they look after. 

Sonenreich & Co. has specialized in the management of large commercial and industrial properties for over 50 years. Our team currently manages over 35 million square feet in 20 buildings in the Denver metropolitan area. Our family-operated office focuses on your management needs, with the complete accountability and transparency you should expect from a locally owned management company with a long track record of success.

Sonenreich & Co. manages a diverse range of large-scale properties, including:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Retail businesses and malls
  • Industrial complexes
  • Multifamily residences
  • Land
  • Medical offices and institutions
  • Office spaces
  • Warehouses and flex spaces

Building and property owners have come to trust Sonenreich & Co. as the top Colorado commercial real estate company for large-scale property management.


Property Management Services

The owner of just a single commercial or industrial property carries a load of responsibility, let alone the owner of several properties. They’re ultimately accountable for the profitability and stability of their investments, but they aren’t always attuned to the day-to-day needs of the properties they own or the tenants who occupy them—nor should they be expected to.

That’s why a qualified manager is a valuable part of a commercial property team. It’s the manager’s job to make sure a property’s operations are running smoothly, handling both the routine activities and the surprises that come up every day, all year round.

The services Sonenreich & Co. provides takes the burden of responsibility from the backs of property owners, their businesses and tenants. We own, lease and oversee all the aspects of commercial and industrial building management, including:

  • Financial management, including accounts receivable and payable, invoicing, bill payment and reports
  • Rent or dues collection
  • Homeowners association management
  • Building maintenance and repair
  • Insurance company interactions
  • Handling property tax appeals
  • Lease renewals

The good reputation of a commercial property management company rests on forthright communication and diligent attention. Sonenreich & Co.’s deep and lasting experience with the unique needs of industrial building management speaks to our dedication to the care, upkeep, and profitability of our clients.

Unparalleled Property Management Services

  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing & Collection of Rents/Dues
  • Bill Pay
  • HOA Management
  • Property Maintenance
  • Facilitate Property Tax Appeals
  • Lease Renewals
  • Financial Reports
  • Insurance Claims

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